Why Women Need More Than One Handbag

To men, one handbag is enough to suit every occasion. To women, there’s a handbag of different design and color to suit different occasions. This clash of opinion has caused one too many closet-fights as it is. So, here are some reasons why women need more than one handbag.

o Black rules but….we’ll admit this. Black goes with everything…and I mean everything. From yellow casual clothing to grey corporate suits. You can take a black handbag shopping and also the very same black handbag into a meeting. If you want to blend in with the curtains, fine. If you don’t, you need something striking, bold and coordinate with whatever you are wearing.

o Shoulder bags look fashionable and professional but it’s just not right to take a shoulder bag to the beach. It’ll make you look dowdy and bland.

o Satchels are designed for women to carry their essential documents without having to lug around a clumsy ‘luggage’ of stuff everywhere. This works wonders when out shopping.

o The handbag print is also very important. You can carry your fun, funky and colorful handbags out for fun outings. And in the meantime, you can take the more serious ones to corporate functions. Imagine what people will think when you bring a ‘Mickey Mouse’ print handbag to a corporate meeting in China?

o Backpacks and luggage are for traveling, not shopping! It works just the same way and it’s pretty convenient too, we have to add, but it’s just not something you’d want to be seen lugging around.

o The clutch bag, on the other hand, is very convenient and chic but you can’t be carrying it to parties because you can’t exactly hang it over your shoulder. If that’s the case, you run the risk of leaving your handbag behind when it’s time to leave (with a little bit of booze in the blood, it’s not impossible)

o Finally, last but not least, women need different handbags for the very same reason why men like to look at women. In fact, it’s because men appreciate women’s ability to dress up and look nice – why in the world shouldn’t women dress up and look nice? Make perfect sense?

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