Finding the Right Handbag For Your Style

The purse that a woman chooses to carry will say a lot about her and the fashion sense she inspires to create. The beauty about handbags is they allow women to express their fashion sense every single day even if the rest of their ensemble does not. Handbags today are not only fashionable, but they are even more functional than in the past. Today, it is important that our handbags have room to tote our personal belongings as well as our mobile electronic devices and modern technologies that we never leave home without.

Most women have a general sense of what style handbag they are looking for, but with so many different kinds online and in retail stores these days, it’s hard to identify the true type of handbag that fits your needs. If a sales associate asked you if you were looking for a satchel or a tote bag, would you automatically know the answer, or for that matter, would you know what a satchel was? For some of the more savvy shoppers, maybe yes, but if you’re anything like me, you’ve always bought the bag simply because you liked it. Have you ever been disappointed after you used your handbag only to find out, it doesn’t hold everything you need it to? Well, in this article, my goal is to help educate you on what types of handbags exist today in the market and to help you identify what style of purse is best for your needs. Let’s get started!

Shoulder Bags: shoulder bags are the most popular term and more inclusive way to identify any type of purse that basically has one or two straps for wearing over your shoulder. Shoulder bags can include styles such as satchels, hobo bags and tote bags.

Satchel Bags: the most common feature in satchel bags is the two handles designed for carrying the bag. Satchel bags often have wide flat bottoms and come with a zippered or clasped closure on top. Most satchel bags come with a removable shoulder strap(s). The most recognizable form of the satchel bag resembles the bags doctors used to carry when making house calls. Of course, nowadays they are much more fashionable!

Clutch: a bag with no handles that must be carried in one hand or under the arm. Clutches are the most popular form of evening bags as they are typically smaller and easier to escort your bare necessities. Clutches come in several different styles and are perfect for evenings out or just on-the-go occasions.

Hobo bag: a large shoulder bag or purse that typically resembles a half-moon or crescent shape. Hobo bags tend to be a bit slouchy and to crunch down when carried or set down. These handbags have zip tops and are generally roomy and unstructured. Often times, you will see hobo bags referred to as E/W or N/S. This refers to the direction the crescent shape takes. The E/W refers to East/West or more horizontal shape while the N/S refers to North/South meaning a more vertical shaped handbag.

Tote bag: this popular shoulder bag inspired by the shopping bag, is sturdy and rectangular with an open top and two strap handles. The insides may or may not have zippered compartments. Tote bags used to carry things such as beach wear, books, groceries, etc. and have now evolved to a more fashionable handbag. This bag is perfect for the woman who carries many things in her purse.

There are many more styles of handbags that exist on the market today, but the styles listed above are by far the most popular and functional styles. Factors to consider when choosing the right style handbag for you are the price, material and brand. If you are a busy mom who is looking for a tote bag to carry your kids’ belongings or double as a baby bag, then you may not be interested in a leather designer brand handbag. You might lean more towards a canvas tote with sturdy straps that is still fashionable. On the other hand, if you are looking for an elegant purse or clutch to go with your next night out ensemble, then a small designer clutch may be just right for you.

Whatever your needs may be, you are guaranteed to find the handbag that is right for you with the volume that is available on the market today. Hopefully this article has helped you take some of the guess work out of your decision.

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